Transportation by train

Medical transportation of patients by train begins with the delivery of the patient to the train station, and then with his careful transfer to the train. Difficulties arise at the very beginning, as the passage of the car door prevents the paramedics from transferring the patient. This is especially difficult when transporting bedridden patients or those in wheelchairs.
Despite the cost savings, it is almost impossible to provide full medical care on the train, monitor the condition and connect the necessary devices due to space constraints, as well as train oscillations. Medical support of the patient in the place card is practically excluded, and the compartment car which will need to be redeemed completely, will not bring essential savings, in comparison with standard private medical transportation.
Despite the advantages of other types of ambulances, specially equipped to perform a reliable and safe evacuation of the patient, it is possible that his transport to the hospital can be performed only by train. Our company can offer you full medical support of the patient on the train, as well as his safe transfer from home to the train and further transportation from the station home or to the medical institution on arrival.
We have in stock:
  • specially equipped transport;
  • team of professional doctors;
  • modern medicines;


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