Transportation by ambulance

Resuscitation teams transport critically ill patients who need intensive care or mechanical ventilation during transportation.
Resuscitation vehicle – an ambulance equipped with a set of equipment to stabilize the patients condition before hospitalization: defibrillator, ventilator, oxygen, electrocardiograph – heart monitor, vacuum aspirator, a set of tires for transporting patients, etc.
Highly qualified staff of our resuscitation teams has extensive experience in life support and transportation of patients, including in critical condition. Doctors assess the general condition of the patient, his transportability, and then ensure safe transportation. The decision on transportation of the patient and a kind of transportation is accepted, proceeding from a condition of gravity of the patient and the consent of the patient or his representative.
The resuscitation team consists of:
  • anesthesiologist,
  • medical assistant,
  • paramedic-driver


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