Transportation by plane

Sanitary aviation or transportation of patients by plane – the fastest transportation of patients. But the most difficult for doctors and medical care of the patient. Anesthesiologists have extensive experience in transporting patients by plane.
Transportation of patients by plane is carried out on a charter flight or on a scheduled plane accompanied by an anesthesiologist and resuscitation team.

Preparation and air transportation of the patient includes the following stages: coordination of the flight with the airline and provision of medical documentation at least 72 hours before departure, coordination of medical equipment and oxygen on board, determination of seats in the cabin, approval of resuscitation admission to the runway and delivery of the patient to the aircraft, as well as at the destination.

During the transportation of the patient by plane, the patient is accompanied by a doctor. On the way he continues to receive medical care, all doctors appointments are fulfilled.
Ground transportation of patients in resuscitation cars over long distances is more expensive and longer than the transportation of the patient by plane. For a team of doctors and a patient, several seats are purchased on a flight plane to accommodate the patient and medical equipment. If the patient does not need resuscitation, he can sit, the patient is still transported on a flight accompanied by a doctor, because airlines require medical support and approval of medical indications and contraindications to transport the patient on the plane.


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